DIY Dot-Painted Throw Pillow

Hello everyone! After last week’s fairly complicated DIY No-Sew Blackout Curtain Liner tutorial, I thought I’d share a simpler project :). If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably figured out by now that I’m on a mission to get rid of all the orange (or at least most of it) that had taken over our family room. One major thing that I’d like to change is the slipcover on the couch.

An orange slipcovered couch in a room with travertine floors, orange curtains and tan walls.

This is how the couch used to look in all its orange glory.

It’s a very nicely-made slipcover, with a separate cover for each cushion and one for the body of the sofa, but it’s worn and the back is very sun-bleached. Unfortunately, a new cover of similar quality would cost upwards of $500, and I don’t have a sewing machine to make one myself, so it will have to wait for now. The couch itself is a beautiful cream linen with dark wood feet, and as much as I would love to just uncover it, with a black dog and brown dog, it just doesn’t make sense.

So, until I can buy a new slipcover, I decided to get new throw pillows to lighten the space and break up the orange. I started by purchasing two of these 20″ Romi Pillows in Soft Blue. They are a lightweight linen, and for $24 per pillow with the insert, it’s hard to beat the price. Then I ordered this Stitched Natural Throw Pillow. It’s natural linen with felt accents, and the pattern reminds me of coral without being too beachy. I wanted two more pillows, but I wanted them to be different. After some browsing on Pinterest, I found this gorgeous dot-painted Scroll Pillow! It’s the perfect addition to the scene – not too bold and adds a little bohemian/global flare. But, at $78 for JUST the cover, it was out of my league.

Being the ever-determined DIYer, I was certain I could make my own. And, for a grand total of $16.85 and a Sunday afternoon, I was able to do just that! Follow the steps below to make your own!

A soft blue Romi throw pillow, DIY dot-painted pillow, and coral pattern stitched natural pillow on an orange couch with blue and white medallion curtain.

L to R: Soft Blue Romi Pillow, DIY Dot-Painted Pillow, and Stitched Natural Pillow



1. Iron pillow cover & prep work space

You will want to iron out all the creases and wrinkles in your cover before beginning to paint. While your cover is cooling, prep the rest of your supplies. You may want to cover your work surface with something to protect it from accidental paint drips.

2. Paint

Squeeze a few drops of paint into a cup, and start painting! I actually used the end of the handle of my paint brush instead of the brush part, because I wanted a uniform stamp effect. With the design I chose, I started by painting the X through the center, then I outlined the lotus, and then I filled in the remaining dots. I chose to follow the pattern of the original inspiration as closely as possible, so I printed it to scale to use as a template, but of course you can freehand or make your own template too! Mudcloth pillows are a huge trend right now, and it would be super easy to replicate a lot of the common patterns with this method.

DIY Dot-Painted Pillow Cover by Seagrain Design | Step 2: Paint

Dip the tip of your brush in paint

DIY Dot-Painted Pillow Cover by Seagrain Design | Step 2: Paint

I used string as a guide for the X

DIY Dot-Painted Pillow Cover by Seagrain Design | Step 2: Paint

Paint the X first

DIY Dot-Painted Pillow Cover by Seagrain Design | Step 2: Paint

Outline your design

DIY Dot-Painted Pillow Cover by Seagrain Design | Step 2: Paint

Fill in the remainder of the dots

3. Let the paint cure

Once you’ve finished painting your design, the paint needs to cure for 48-72 hours before you can put the insert in and start using it. After the paint has cured, you may want to spray a fabric protectant on the cover to help repel liquids and minimize stains. But that’s it! Super easy and super customizable.

This is such a simple DIY, and there are so many ways you can change it up. DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint is available in 46 colors, and they have metallic and and pearl paints too! I’m dying to use the silver and gold ones. The also have a medium that you can add to your paint to make it easier to brush on if you want a softer effect.

I would love to see if you try this DIY, so be sure to share it in the comments below, or by tagging me on Instagram. Be sure to subscribe below for notifications of new posts, and follow along on Instagram and Pinterest! Next week I’ll be sharing another simple DIY for throw pillow number two.


DIY Dot-Painted Throw Pillow by Seagrain DesignDIY Dot-Painted Throw Pillow by Seagrain DesignDIY Dot-Paint Throw Pillow | Learn how to turn a plain throw pillow cover into a work of art using fabric paint and any pillow cover you choose. This simple project is totally on-trend with global and bohemian styles.


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