Curtains and wood samples | New Year New Room: Living Room Plans by Seagrain Design

New Year, New Room: Living Room Plans

I’ve recently been seeing some beautiful posts floating around Instagram and Pinterest for the #newyearnewroomchallenge, and they’ve inspired me to make it a goal this year to give our living room and dining area a little refresh. While the group of super-talented bloggers who are participating in the official challenge are completing all of their makeovers in the month of January, I’m giving myself the rest of the year to get this done because a couple of the projects involved are going to be big ones.

New Year New Room Inspiration from Pocketful of Posies | New Year, New Room: Living Room Plans by Seagrain Design

Inspiration source: @pocketposieswa on Instagram

New Year New Room Inspiration from Iris Nacole | New Year, New Room: Living Room Plans by Seagrain Design

Inspiration source: @irisnacole on Instagram

Our living room and dining area is the main living space in our house. The room has a tall vaulted ceiling and travertine floors, with neutral beige walls. It’s a nice open space, but the windows are on the east- and west-facing walls, so the room isn’t naturally the brightest.

One of my biggest motivators for this room refresh is the furniture. Our dining table & chairs, coffee table, and TV console are all black, and I am OVER IT. We have two dogs (sometimes three when our neighbor’s dog visits), and black furniture shows ALL THE DUST. That being said, I have three major goals for our living room/dining area this year: hang new curtains, refinish the coffee table, and build a new top for our dining table. I also want to update a few accents here and there to brighten up the space and give it new life.

Here’s my mood board:

Mood Board | New Year New Room Living Room Plans by Seagrain Design

(Source list at the end of the post)

And now for some details:

New Curtains

I’m going to start with updating the curtains because the liners of two of the panels have recently been ripped nearly in half by one of the dogs, and it looks terrible. The existing curtains are an avocado green color, and I wanted to go with something a little more subdued this time around. I ordered these Slub-Textured Curtain Panels in Dusky Green, and received them last week. They aren’t lined, so I’m planning on making liners for them similar to the DIY No-Sew Blackout Curtain Liners, except I’m going to use standard liner fabric instead of blackout. (If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a sneak peek of these!) The new curtains are also longer at 96″ instead of 84″, so I’m going to need to raise the rods. The ceiling in our living room is vaulted, and the window walls are 10ft., so the taller curtains will accentuate the height of the ceiling.

>>UPDATE: I had originally planned on using the Slub-Textured Curtain Panels, but upon receiving them and hanging one up for a trial, I realized they were too thin (even with liners) and they looked completely blue against the walls. I’ve since ordered and received these Washed Linen Curtain Panels, and they are a bit heavier, and more true to the green in the photo. The only downside to these curtains is that the bottoms are not properly hemmed. They are surged to prevent fraying, but i’m going to have to give them a proper hem. It’s weird to me, considering the significantly cheaper Slub-Textured ones do have a hem…<<

Dusky Green Slub-Textured Curtains and Clip Rings | New Year New Room: Living Room Plans by Seagrain Design

Refinish the Coffee Table

The coffee table in our living room is solid and has a timeless style, with turned legs, a square top, and a drawer. However, it’s stained black, and has several nicks and spots where the finish has been damaged. I want to lighten it up, and I plan on using Rubio Monocoat in either Natural or Smoke 5%. I haven’t used Rubio Monocoat yet, but I’ve heard great things, so I can’t wait to try it! I also want change out the drawer knob, and I really like this glass button knob.

Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil and Glass Button Knob | New Year New Room: Living Room Plans by Seagrain Design

Build a New Top for the Dining Table

This is going to be the most ambitious project of the room refresh. Our dining table is a 60″ round pedestal-base table with a leaf. It’s a very sturdy table, but aside from being stained black, the top was constructed from plywood. Living in San Diego, we leave our windows open quite often, and a large section of the table top has begun to bubble up from exposure to the open window. Since it’s plywood, I can’t just sand it down and refinish it. So, I want to build a new top out of solid boards, and then refinish the rest of the table and its 6 matching chairs. Obviously I no longer want the table to be black, but I don’t want it to be as light as the coffee table either. I’m going for a neutral medium-dark brown on this one, and I’m thinking of doing a multi-step finish, but I’ll decide for sure when I get started.

Round Pedestal Table and Medium-Dark Brown Finish | New Year New Room: Living Room Plans by Seagrain Design

I’m planning on completing these projects in the order listed, and I’ve already gotten started a bit on the curtains. I’m really excited about this room refresh, and looking forward to using new techniques and products, but I know this whole thing is going to take some time. I also have client projects that take priority over personal ones, so that’s part of the reason I’m giving myself the whole year to get this done.

I will of course be writing individual posts about each of these projects, so if you’re not following along yet, be sure to subscribe for updates along the way! I’ve been pinning a bunch while searching for inspiration, so if you’re also looking to update a room in your house, go check out my boards! Also, if you’re interested in any of the products I used in my mood board, the sources are listed below.

Happy New Year!

Seagrain Design Rachel Signature

Mood Board Source List


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