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Modern Coastal Dream Living Room

I was recently approached by the furniture & decor company Arhaus to share what my dream living room would look like. Unfortunately for me, a complete living room makeover isn’t in the budget right now, but hey, a girl can dream, right? Since I’ve been working on a little living room refresh, it was perfect timing!


I knew I wanted to include the washed linen curtain panels that I’m actually using in my living room. From there, I developed a color palette that was light, airy, and neutral. Personally, I tend to incorporate elements from a variety of styles. I enjoy clean and simple, yet I also appreciate detailed architectural elements. Of course, a variety of textures is always nice, so woodgrain, natural fibers, and mixed fabrics are my go-to’s. I like to use simpler large-scale pieces, and then pepper in detailed accents to pull everything together. To me, the living room is the heart of a home, and should be inviting and comfortable above all else.

Modern Coastal Dream Living Room Color Palette Inspiration Seagrain Design


While this is my dream living room, I still wanted it to be relevant to my lifestyle, and that of course includes my dogs. I would love to have a white sofa, but white sofas and dogs don’t mix. Arhaus offers several styles of sectional sofas, and most have a multitude of configurations and fabric options. I chose the Leeward 123″ Upholstered Three Piece Sectional in Train Dune. I tend to lean towards more traditional sofas, so I like that the Leeward has modern lines, but still has curved arms. The color Train Dune is lighter and slightly on the warm side, but I think it would work with dogs. I also think it’s awesome that Arhaus’s couches are made right here in the USA!

Arhaus Leeward 123

Arhaus Leeward 123″ Upholstered Three Piece Sectional in Train Dune

For the coffee table, I love this Lila 48″ Coffee Table.  It’s made from reclaimed elm wood, and I love how the curved legs compliment the sofa. The darker wood also provides a nice contrast to the sofa without being overwhelming. As a woodworker, I would really like to make a table like this!

Lila 48

Lila 48″ Reclaimed Elm Coffee Table

For the media console, I chose this Shutter Sideboard from Restoration Hardware. I’ve really been into louvered doors lately, and I love the natural oak finish on this piece. If you’ve read my living room refresh post, you may remember that our current media console and coffee table are black, and I’m really over it. It shows every little speck of dust. The media console is also very open, with just two drawers, and I’m really tired of seeing our TV box, DVD player, and stereo all the time. I’ve actually been working on a design for a new media console that is inspired by the RH one. Louvered doors are great for media consoles because they add architectural interest, and they also allow any electronics inside to breathe.

RH Shutter Sideboard Weathered Oak Drifted

RH Shutter Sideboard


One of the starting points in my design was these Washed Linen Curtain Panels in Dusky Green. I’m going to be using these in my real living room, and I just love the color. It’s soft and neutral, but adds a little more than just white curtains would.

H&M Home Washed Linen Curtains in Dusky Green

Washed Linen Curtains in Dusky Green

I incorporated throw pillows in a few different colors and patterns to add depth to the tan sofa. The navy, water, and blush pillows are velvet, and I like the juxtaposition of those agains the more playful fiddle leaf, jacquard, and scout patterned ones.

Modern Coastal Dream Living Room Pillows

For the rug I chose this Diamond Rug in Navy. It’s very important for me to have a rug that’s dog-friendly, and generally anything with a heavy pattern or lots of contrast is. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a navy rug!

Dash & Albert Diamond Navy Rug

Diamond Navy Rug


When it comes to decor, there are three categories that are musts for me: wall art, plants, and accents. For wall art I chose this Ortouk Mirror, and these amazing DIY Framed Sea Fans from the always lovely Sand & Sisal. If you like coastal decor & DIY projects, you should definitely check her out. Kim’s home is gorgeous, and she has tons of fantastic and creative DIY projects.

Wall Art

Ortouk Mirror | Modern Coastal Dream Living Room by Seagrain Design

Ortouk Mirror

DIY Framed Sea Fans Sand and Sisal

DIY Framed Sea Fans


When it comes to plants, I think the more the merrier! I would especially like to incorporate a snake plant and several air plants, and you can never go wrong with a fiddle leaf fig.

Sansevieria Snake Plant | Modern Coastal Dream Living Room by Seagrain Design

Snake Plant

Large Xerographica Air Plant | Modern Coastal Dream Living Room by Seagrain Design

Xerographica Air Plant


For other accents, I love baskets, beads, anything glass, and a few metal frames. I picked out the following:

Emlyn Seagrass Basket | Modern Coastal Dream Living Room by Seagrain Design

Emlyn Basket

Gray White Recycled Glass Beads | Modern Coastal Dream Living Room by Seagrain Design

Recycled Glass Beads

Bubble Glass Bottle | Modern Coastal Dream Living Room by Seagrain Design

Bubble Glass Bottle

Clear Glass Sphere | Modern Coastal Dream Living Room by Seagrain Design

Clear Glass Sphere

Gold Frames | Modern Coastal Dream Living Room by Seagrain Design

Gold Frames

Mood Board

Now that all the bases are covered, take a look at my complete mood board, with all sources listed below:

Modern Coastal Dream Living Room Mood Board Seagrain Design // 1. Washed Linen Curtain Panel // 2. Ortouk Mirror // 3. DIY Framed Sea Fans // 4. Leeward 123″ Upholstered 3 Piece Sectional in Train Dune // 5. Diamond Rug in Navy // 6. Lila 48″ Reclaimed Coffee Table // 7. Velvet Pillow in Water // 8. Velvet Pillow in Navy // 9. Fiddle Leaf Pillow // 10. Velvet Pillow in Blush // 11. Scout Pillow // 12. Jacquard Pillow // 13. Clear Glass Sphere // 14. Emlyn Basket // 15. Recycled Glass Beads // 16. Xerographica Air Plant // 17. Gold Standing Tabletop Frames // 18. Bubble Glass Bottle // 19. Snake Plant // 20. Shutter Sideboard //

What do you think? My goal was for the space to emulate comfort with a hint of sophistication. Did I nail it?

While I was searching for inspiration for this room, I of course turned to Pinterest. I created a Modern Costal Dream Living Room board to save all of my ideas, and some alternatives and additional decor items. Check it out if you need coastal inspiration! If you like what I’ve pinned, I’d love it if you gave me a follow!

If you’re looking for some inspiration of your own and need help gathering your ideas, I found this post on the importance of inspiration boards from Mix & Match Design Company to be super helpful. Chaney shares resources for images other than Pinterest, and shows you how to organize your ideas in a thoughtful manner.

That’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll be back soon with an update on my real living room. Until then, be sure to follow along on Instagram, and if you liked this post I’d love if you scroll to the bottom and subscribe to the blog!

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